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第二十三章:Yours Truly (2001-2002)

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Chapter Twenty-Three: Yours Truly (2001-2002)

Mark Williams Jimmy Haun Graham Russell January 2001.jpg
Recording in Utah (Mark, Jimmy Haun, Graham)

      In January, Air Supply neared completion of their first album of new material since 1997’s ‘The Book Of Love.’ Former band member Jimmy Haun joined Graham at his home studio in Utah to play guitar on three tracks, which Graham believed “added a unique character to the album.” Graham produced the record with Mark Williams, and everyone involved was excited with the result. “I feel we have achieved a new sound for us,” said Russell, “but have still stayed true to the beautiful melodies, touching lyrics and great vocal arrangements that have become Air Supply’s trademarks. Though I was not actively involved in the songwriting process, I enjoyed the entire process of creating it, what with the lush string arrangements we incorporated. All of which have made the album a baby we’re very proud of. An added bonus is the album package, photographed and designed by Jodi Russell. Jodi gave the CD a classic, romantic look that really does compliment the music beautifully.” During a break in recording, Graham and Russell filmed a series of interviews for a soon to be released DVD from Arista Records.

      The tour schedule for the first quarter of 2001 was light compared to previous years, with just a handful of shows in the States. A fan club gathering and two concerts took place on March 25 to 26 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Air Supply arrived at the Claridge Hotel & Casino a week before the event to rehearse and add songs from the recently titled album ‘Yours Truly.’ Those in attendance at the fan gathering were the first to hear an advance copy of the album,’ which was expected for international release on April 9th, and a month later in North America.

      Shortly before the release of ‘Yours Truly,’ Warner Music Group bought out the remaining 50% of Giant Records that it did not already own. The deal was rumoured to include a payment of $25 million to Giant founder Irving Azoff. Giant’s entire pop roster and catalogue were absorbed into Warner Bros. Records, and the majority of Giant’s estimated 15 Los Angeles-based employees were laid off. The demise of Giant records meant that ‘Yours Truly’ was to be the last Air Supply album released by Warner or one of its sub-labels, despite the existing contract that called for an additional album.

air_supply DVD PIC.jpg

      Graham and Jodi travelled to England in early April to further their studies in what Graham described as “the pursuit and understanding of the paranormal.” It was Graham’s desire and personal mission to discover the meaning of life; through reading, investigating historical mysteries with renowned author Graham Phillips, or through his own search within. Graham and Jodi made a concerted effort to get back to England, in particular North England, at least once a year, but spent most of their free time rehabilitating wildlife at their home in Utah. They became licensed rehabilitators and had accumulated a wide assortment of animals that included deer, raccoons, a bobcat, horses and several dogs.

       On April 3, Arista released a collection of Air Supply music videos titled ‘The Definitive DVD Collection.’ The 15 music videos were mostly songs recorded during the band’s period with Arista, but also two live performances from their time with Giant Records. The videos were interspersed with commentary from Russell and Graham, reminiscing about the circumstances when each video was filmed. The DVD was released internationally, and the Japan release included different cover art. Promotional music videos were an essential part of the music business in the early 80s. Most musicians had it written into their contracts that they must do video clips to promote their singles, and most recording artists wanted at least one music video per album. Most videos were filmed before the single it promoted was released, and it was not uncommon for the video to cost more to create than the cost of the single it promoted. Record labels had to decide if a single was commercial enough to warrant a video, and if the video would enhance it. Most of Air Supply’s Arista singles released in North America included a promotional video, with ‘Sweet Dreams’ and ‘Two Less Lonely People In The World’ being the exception.

       “We did a video [in 1976] for a song called ‘Love And Other Bruises,’” said Graham. “It was very simple and very inexpensive, but very haunting nevertheless. We have always shied away from music videos. I think Russell and I don’t like to look at ourselves on video, so we always found it a little unnerving. We’re musicians, but I guess one must embrace that facet or idiom. I look upon them fondly because they are a time capsule. All of the videos we shot in one day. [I remember] we were playing four nights in Westbury, NY, and ‘Even The Nights Are Better’ was coming out. The usual thing for the record company was to find a director and come up with a storyboard, and shoot it. I remember that one at the storyboard stage in particular, because he said, ‘Okay, I’ve got you two guys, and two girls who are your love interests are on bicycles,’ and we just cringed. We thought, ugh, that’s not us. We’re adults and here’s these two beautiful 19-year-old girls on bicycles and we walk up and talk to them? It was just a bit corny, but the record company knew our audience better than we did at that time, because it became a big hit.”  

Beirut Concerts April 2001.jpg
Air Supply in Beirut, Lebanon - April, 2001

       In April, Air Supply flew to Korea and Lebanon, for the first of several international concerts in 2001. Scheduled concerts in Dubai, India, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Mexico ensured that the band would make good use of their passports. The April 13-14 shows at Beirut Hall in Beirut, Lebanon, was Air Supply’s first ever performance in the Middle East. The shows included drummer Christopher Pellani, bassist Larry Antonino and pianist Jed Moss. Between Concerts the band explored the historical city and took in the wonderful views of the Mediterranean.

       Due to circumstances beyond Air Supply’s control, the tour of India in May was cancelled. Indian promoters had tried to stage a tour for several years because Air Supply’s popularity was sky high in the country. Indian pop singer Mehnaz was set to join Air Supply on stage to sing the revised duet ‘You Are The Reason,’ which was included on ‘Yours Truly.’ “We’ve heard so much about her,” said Russell. “So when we decided to re-record the track in English, we thought, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be nice to feature the Indian songstress?’ Mehnaz flew into the United States and began work almost immediately. The result is simply refreshing.”  

Shari\'s First Performance with Air Supply May 25-27 2001 Orleans Vegas copy.jpg
Shari & Russell Sing 'You Are The Reason' - May 2001

       Graham and Jodi’s vocal prodigy, Shari Short, signed a record deal with the Russell’s independent label A Nice Pear. Short’s album was recorded with musicians associated with Air Supply, and all CD artwork was designed by Jodi. It was expected for release on May 25, 2001, as this was the date that Short was scheduled to open three shows for Air Supply at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The shows went on as planned, but Short’s album was delayed, and was released in July. It was available for sale at Air Supply concerts, Short’s website and Hastings retail outlets. “Since I was still in school it was very difficult to take time out and work in the studio,” said Shari Short. “I had been practically living with the Russell’s to finish up on my album, which is called ‘I’m Living.’ The reason it is called this is because I have been living these past few months like a Rolling Stone, not letting anyone tell me that my dreams can’t become a reality.” Short opened each show in Vegas with original songs from her album. She then joined Air Supply on stage as a backup vocalist, and during the encore, sang ‘You Are The Reason’ as a duet with Graham and Russell. Short brought a new energy to Air Supply’s live show, and also generated much discussion amongst the fans. There was confusion as to whether or not Short had joined Air Supply on a permanent basis, and what her future role would be.

        The Vegas shows were a tremendous success, but Air Supply fans were disappointed to learn that ‘Yours Truly’ was not yet available in North America. It had been released in countries where BMG owned distribution rights, such as Germany, U.K., Argentina and parts of Asia. Many anxious fans bought the pricey import CD long before Warner had it distributed in North America. The Taiwan release included a bonus envelope and paper set, and was advertised as a ‘special first edition.’  

Revised Vegas 2001 May.jpg
Orleans Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas - May 25-27, 2001

Set List - Orleans Hotel & Casino, May 2001
1. Body Glove
2. If You Love Me
3. Here I Am
4. The Scene
5. Yours Truly
6. Why Don’t You Come Over
7. Sweet Dreams
8. The One That You Love
9. Lost In Love
10. Every Woman In The World
11. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
12. You Are The Reason (Encore)
13. All Out Of Love (Encore)

      Shortly before Air Supply began their summer tour of Canada, Mexico and the U.S., they flew to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for a single concert on June 11. It was the band’s first visit to the Middle Eastern country. The concert at Nad Al Sheba Club in Dubai happened to fall on Graham’s birthday, so concert promoters made sure that it was a memorable occasion. Before Air Supply took the stage, the crowd was entertained by Brazilian fire dancers, fire eaters and artificial rain. A post-concert party included some of Dubai’s top DJs. Shari Short did not make the trip to Dubai, but Mehnaz joined Air Supply on stage for a special rendition of ‘You Are The Reason.’

Tour of Mexico with Jonni Lightfoot Aug 9-21 2001 Resize.jpg
Jonni Lightfoot - Mexico Aug 2001

      In July, Larry Antonino left Air Supply, exactly one year after rejoining the band in 2000. He later released a highly-praised solo album called ‘Village Strut.’ Antonino was quickly replaced by Jonni Lightfoot, a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, who had also released a solo record. His 1996 album, ‘Copper Street Fair,’ won him the ‘Most Innovated New Artist’ award from Bass Frontiers magazine for his use of the piccolo bass.   

      Like Jed Moss before him, Jonni Lightfoot was discovered by Graham when he had asked around about bass players in the Salt Lake City area, and Lightfoott’s name kept coming up. Lightfoot had met Graham several years earlier, but admits that he did not know who Graham was at the time. “I was working at a local guitar shop in Salt Lake City,” said Lightfoot. “Graham had just moved there and came into the shop one day. I asked him if I could help him find something. As time went on, he kept coming into the store and buying gear from me. I eventually moved to another store and he followed me there to buy his road and studio gear. One day [in 2000] he came in asking if anyone knew of any bass players. The other salesman referred him to me so he came over and talked about the gig. He asked if I was able to travel to Las Vegas the next day to see them perform. I couldn’t because I had prior commitments, but I told him I was available the following week. He ended up hiring someone else, but almost one year to the day, he came back and told me the guy he hired wasn’t working out. I wasn’t doing anything that weekend so they flew me out to a gig. After the show, Graham, myself, and both of our wives got something to eat. Graham asked my wife if I could do the gig and she said ‘absolutely.’ The following week I was on a month-long tour with Air Supply through three countries. The funny thing about this whole deal is that they never heard my play until I was on stage with them in South Dakota.”

Final Edit.jpg
'You Are The Reason' Promo Video

      After many delays, ‘Yours Truly’ was released in North America on August 28, 2001. The demise of Giant Records meant that there was very little promotion for the album. The official press release package, which included an 8x10 photo taken by Jodi Russell, was put together by Reprise Records, a division of Warner that was still active. The album was sold through online retail and in limited quantities at traditional brick and mortar record shops. There were no singles released in North America. BMG released ‘You Are The Reason’ as a single in parts of Asia with a promotional video featuring Mehnaz. The video was dubbed with English vocals from Mehnaz, and used footage from 1999 when ‘You Are’ was released as a single for the movie Split Wide Open.

      ‘Yours Truly’ contained 13 tracks that Reprise described as having “dramatic string arrangements, complex harmonies, and the kind of intimate ballads fans have come to expect from Air Supply.” The album also contained some surprises, such as the techno-flavoured ‘Body Glove’ and ‘Learning To Make Love To You.’ The later being a song about Graham’s admiration for the Beatles as a youth. “It’s about how people change from kids to adults,” explains Graham. “I wrote the song three years ago, and hesitated putting it on the album at first because I figured kids today wouldn’t know who the Beatles were. But then the ‘1’ album came out!” Graham had hoped to record a cover of ‘If I Fell’ by the Beatles, but the licensing fees were prohibitive. The album title track was Russell’s personal favourite, and just one of several ballads. “It’s a beautiful sentimental song with great harmony,” he said. “The theme is universal. It’s about how one expresses her or his love to another person, as simple as that.”

      Fan reaction to ‘Yours Truly’ was widely mixed. Many welcomed the return to the highly orchestrated and romantic love songs of years past. ‘You Are The Reason’ was regarded as one of the strongest tracks, and perhaps some of Air Supply’s best work in years. Some fans complained that there was little variety on the album. Others were disappointed with the lack of Russell’s soaring vocals, Air Supply’s trademark for so many years. There was an obvious change in Russell’s voice, a lower timbre and perhaps richer tone that appealed to many, but drew criticism from others. It was a matter of opinion which singing style was better, but few would deny that Russell remained an excellent vocalist. The song ‘Body Glove,’ which Air Supply opened their concerts with earlier in the year, generated a lot of discussion. The song was born out of Graham’s love of electronic music, but the lyric ‘The world is just potato chips, joined together at the female hips’ did not sit well with Air Supply’s predominantly female audience. When questioned what the lyric meant, Graham said that it had no significant meaning.

2001 Promotional Pic Reprise.jpg

      The U.S. media paid little attention to ‘Yours Truly.’ The constant delays in getting it released, the lack of promotion, and the refusal of radio in North America to play Air Supply all contributed to this. In addition, the album hit stores shelves just two weeks before the tragic events of September 11, 2001. This had a detrimental effect on the music business, which saw record sales drop 5% in the U.S. the week after 9/11, and a 16.2% decline in the New York metropolitan area. Music critics were especially hard on ‘Yours Truly,’ more so than for anything Air Supply had released in the previous five years:
      Much like other aging stars such as Rod Stewart, Madonna and The Rolling Stones, they have decided it’s time for a little musical redecorating. Incorporating techno, playfully erotic lyrics, and Indian vocal star Mehnaz, they attempt the impossible. Air Supply does ballads. However, they are not a boy band, nor a pair of DJs. But you have to draw the line somewhere, which seems to be the one thing Air Supply forgot to do on ‘Yours Truly.’ Die-hard Air Supply fans will love this release, because even though they make it out to be that they have completely reinvented themselves, only about four of the thirteen tracks are exploratory. - Vanessa Bormann, Ink 19

      Only one tune here, the sweeping, orchestrally enhanced ‘You Are The Reason,’ comes close to capturing the sugary charm of those old days, when Russell Hitchcock’s vocal soared like it was the most soulful thing in the world. Otherwise, there are songs entirely based on annoying fake string dramatics (‘Who Am I’), inane lyrics, and computer-generated songs (all in one on ‘Body Glove’), and monotone meanderings like ‘Don’t Throw Our Love Away’ and the title track. The songs are mundane, but the saddest thing is that for fans of the group, the main attraction of Hitchcock’s voice is completely suppressed. - Jonathon Widran, AllMusic

Mexico Tour 2001 Football Stadium and travel.jpg
Sound Check at Municipal Stadium, Queretaro, Mexico - Aug 2001

      On August 9, Air Supply began a nine-city tour of Mexico, which had become an annual tradition of sorts. Mexican fans came out in droves to see the band perform in concert venues that ranged in size from cozy 700-seat theatres to massive outdoor football (soccer) stadiums. The tour of Mexico were Jonni Lightfoot’s first international concerts with Air Supply, and they must have been an eye-opening experience for the bassist, who knew very little about Air Supply before joining the band. The passion and dedication of the Mexican fans could convince the most skeptical critic that Air Supply was one of the biggest draws in this part of the world, no matter what the language of the audience. Russell summed up the Mexico tour by saying; “There was a lot of sun and of course, we had loads of fun too! To us, creating good sounds is very therapeutic. It feels even better if the songs are widely accepted by the listeners. We’re involved with a great bunch of talented people. We also love being on the road, doing tours and providing good music to our fans out there.”

Greek Theatre Sept 2001 Resized copy.jpg
Greek Theatre - September 14, 2001

      The events of 9/11 had a significant impact on the music business. Music sales dropped and many artists had to cancel shows for fear of terrorism. Janet Jackson called off the entire leg of her European tour because of safety issues. Air Supply cancelled a show in Japan that was scheduled just after 9/11. This was to be Shari Short’s first overseas travel with the band, but air travel was severely hampered during the weeks following the attacks. But soon after, music played an important role in the process of healing and the eventual return to normalcy. Several benefit concerts were organized as the music world banded together to help victims of the attacks.

      Air Supply returned to the stage rather quickly for a concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on September 14, and at the Peppermill Hotel & Casino in Reno, Nevada on September 15. Unable to fly, Air Supply had no choice but to drive to Los Angeles, the crew from Colorado, band members from Utah and Shari Short from Idaho. As a tribute to those affected by the events of 9/11, Air Supply performed in front of a large U.S. flag at the Greek Theatre. “We firmly believe that getting out on stage again as soon as possible was the right thing to do,” said Russell “and the concerts in Los Angeles and Reno proved to us that we had made the right decision as the audience at both venues truly appreciated us being there.”

2001 Edit.jpg
                  Toronto, Canada - Sept 6, 2001   
      In September, Shari Short became an official member of Air Supply’s touring band, with the intention of becoming a solo artist in the future. Her time in Air Supply allowed Graham and Jodi to act as her mentors. “When you see the raw material, it’s a great thrill to be part of refining it, yet just steer them down the right path,” said Graham. “When we are in the studio, I kind of take on that role of guiding her and giving her the benefit of my experience. I think she’s going to be a big star. It’s just a matter of time.” Short often travelled with her father, Butch, but Graham and Jodi became surrogate parents when he was not around. The Russell’s influence on Shari ran deep; she wore a spiritual healing necklace and played a Taylor guitar engraved with her name on a plate between the strings on the head, both gifts from Graham and Jodi. “She’s like our daughter,” said Jodi. “I’m very protective.” Short’s first international performance was on September 6, when Air Supply played at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Canada. Due to the international crisis following 9/11, she did not accompany Air Supply on their two week Asian tour starting September 28.

China 2001 Nanning Show70 000 fans.jpg
Nanning Arts Festival, China - November 9-10, 2001

      One of the highlights for Air Supply in 2001 was the invitation to perform in China at the Nanning Arts Festival. The event took place between November 10-21, and its main purpose was to celebrate all of the ethnic people of China. The Chinese government funded the appearance of one Western group, and no one was more popular in China than Air Supply. Graham, Russell, Jonni Lightfoot, Mark Williams, Ron Pedley and crew flew into Guangzhou on the morning of November 9. After an unexpected layover lasting over four hours, they flew into Nanning, a city with a population of 2.8 million. Ron Pedley, a keyboardist from the U.S., had filled in for Jed Moss during Air Supply’s tour in Venezuela at the end of October. Pedley was Barry Manilow’s touring keyboardist since 1984, and was considered an exceptional talent.

      The night before Air Supply was to perform at the Nanning Arts Festival they rehearsed on a massive stage, all of which was a bit overwhelming for Ron Pedley. “Arriving at the venue, I’m blown away by the size!” he said. “It’s a large soccer stadium holding about 20,000 people. The stage is huge. With five large light trusses above the stage and scaffolding going up 150 feet on each side. The event is to be televised live, and because the Chinese do not have the technology to make live music sound good on television, we are performing and lip synching two songs to tracks (‘Unchained Melody’ and ‘All Out Of Love’).” The televised event was predicted to have 400 million viewers throughout Asia. Air Supply was scheduled to perform at 10 p.m. on November 10, and Pedley described the hours before and after they hit the stage; “We head out to the gig at about eight o’clock. We pass many open storefronts with televisions tuned to a live feed of the Festival. People are huddled around the screens. Arriving at the stadium we head to the dressing rooms passing through security. It looks like the Army is out keeping watch. Air Supply is the only American group on the show. There are Chinese pop stars and rock groups performing. The lights are fantastic. There are huge screens on both sides of the stage. Our part of the show goes well, but a scary moment happened when pyro was set off very close to Graham and Russell. They were not warned and this did not happen at the rehearsal. The crowd went nuts for Air Supply. They are very popular in this part of the world.”

2001 Cd Releases .jpg

      There was just one Air Supply compilation CD released in 2001; ‘Sweet Dreams: The Encore Collection.’ This value-priced Arista and BMG Special Products collection contains 10 tracks from Air Supply’s early 1980s catalogue. Although the CD excludes some of their biggest hits, it provides a decent overview for casual or new fans of the band. But ardent supporters of Air Supply will find that ‘Sweet Dreams: The Encore Collection’ pales in comparison to the comprehensive ‘The Definitive Collection’ or ‘The Ultimate Collection.’  

      Paradiso Entertainment, under license from BMG Belgium, issued a re-release of 1980s ‘Lost In Love’ album as part of their ‘Best Of’ series. ‘The Best Of Air Supply’ was initially sold in Belgium, and was later released in the U.K. in 2002.

       While Air Supply toured during the first quarter of 2002, Graham also worked on independent projects. ‘The Heart of The Rose’ CD neared completion, and a new website helped promote it. The site included a detailed account of the true story of Robin Hood as described by historical author Graham Phillips, and secret links leading to additional ‘mystery and adventure.’ A behind the scenes documentary DVD of ‘The Heart of the Rose’ was scheduled for release later that year, as well as a limited edition photo quality poster.

      Graham also worked on a children’s musical called Petalbump with Jonni Lightfoot and Jed Moss. The idea for Petalbump first came to Jodi Russell through a series of dreams four years earlier. It was a story about Lucy, a woman in her 30s, who returns to her childhood home and discovers some artifacts from her youth that transport her into a world of fantasy, full of fairies who have been waiting years for her to return. “I became interested in everything fairy,” said Jodi, “but it was Graham who came up with the idea to write a children’s ballet.” Graham and Jodi had big plans for Petalbump that included a full length soundtrack CD, a stage production and a series of children’s books.

      On May 14, BMG International released a region-free DVD of the ‘Now and Forever Video Special’ throughout Southeast Asia. It was previously available on VHS, laserdisc and VCD.

The Band 2002 Group Shot Sized.jpg
Stan Brown (Left), Shari Short, Graham Russell, Adrian Zmed

      After returning from a quick trip to Shanghai, China, in May, Air Supply unveiled an updated show at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Vegas. It featured different arrangements of previous hits, and also two new songs: ‘I'll Find You’ and ‘Shadow Of The Sun.’ The show opened with an upbeat version of ‘Even The Nights Are Better,’ infused with heavy bass and guitar. Shari Short, who had recently formed a new band, opened the Vegas shows with her own revised set list. Since the release of her debut CD ‘I’m Living,’ Short had worked on new material for a record she hoped to release in 2003. The Vegas shows were such a success that The Orleans asked Air Supply to return for three additional dates July 5 to 7.

celestine and heart rose.jpg
'The Dawn of Woman' & 'The Heart of the Rose'

      Almost thirty years in the making, ‘The Heart of the Rose’ double CD was released independently by A Nice Pear on July 11. It had no official distribution, and sold for $35.00 on Air Supply’s website and at concerts, where the first 1,000 copies were signed and numbered by Graham. CD artwork and design was done entirely by Jodi Russell. The 39-track CD was divided into two acts. The vocals were recorded at Graham’s home studio in Utah, and included Shari Short, Jed Moss, Karla DeVito (who had sung with Meat Loaf), Stina Peterson, Adrian Zmed, Broadway singer Stan Brown, Jodi Russell, Graham and others. Backing musicians included current and past members of Air Supply; Jonni Lightfoot, Mark Williams, Guy Allison, Jimmy Haun, Michael Sherwood, Larry Antonino, Billy Sherwood and Greg Hilfman. According to Graham, initial sales for ‘The Heart of the Rose’ were brisk. “It’s actually gone through the roof,” he said, “and it’s only been out two weeks. It’s such a great feeling to see it out in the world at last. Everyone is commenting on how you can’t just listen to one or two tracks, it pulls you in and you have to listen to it all. I find myself doing that too! To see it finally completed brings mixed emotions, but it is time for it to fly with its own wings. I am proud of the finished project.”

     On September 1, A Nice Pear released ‘The Dawn of Woman’ from the Celestine Travelers, a fictional entity created by Graham. It was a double CD; one CD being all instrumental and the other being narration of the first four episodes of the Celestine’s intergalactic travels. Graham described the project as a collection of “really deep thoughts from space.” ‘The Dawn of Woman’ was not pop or commercial music, and it drew only limited interest from Air Supply fans. It was sold on Air Supply’s website and at concerts, until it sold out almost two years later.

January 2003 Russells with the Blakeys copy.jpg
Russell's & Michael Blakey Family - Park City, Utah

     On September 21, Air Supply entered into an exclusive artist recording agreement with Michael Blakey of 2KSounds for the worldwide rights to the band’s next studio album and a newly recorded greatest hits album. 2KSounds were distributed by EMI Music Distribution. It was an important deal for Air Supply because they did not have international distribution in place prior to the agreement, and much of their popularity was overseas. 2KSounds, located in Woodland Hills, California, promoted new music talent and produced and distributed their music through a variety of methods, including joint ventures with major labels, sub labeling and partnerships on albums by established artists. “It’s truly gratifying when a band of this caliber recognizes the value we can bring to their efforts,” said 2KSounds CEO John Guidon. “The phenomenal thing about Air Supply is their enduring popularity. They have fans all over the world waiting for their new release, and we anticipate a wide audience for a fresh recording of their classic hit songs. 2KSounds has been aggressively pursuing opportunities to enhance our position in the music industry. We have been able to leverage off of the substantial experience and reputations of our music industry staff and their industry contacts to create a fully functional recorded music company with a distribution channel to retail stores throughout the United States which would otherwise take significant time, effort and resources to build.”

2002 Merchandise.jpg
2002 Merchandise - Koala Bear, Mousepad, Mug

      In October, during a break in the touring schedule, Air Supply rehearsed a new show in Salt Lake City. They added three new tracks; ‘Come To Me,’ ‘Goodnight’ and a reworked version of ‘Big Cat’ with the full band. The updated show was big hit with fans when it premiered at The Orleans in Vegas at the end of the month. New merchandise was available at the shows, including temporary tattoos, a travel mug, a mousepad and a repackaged CD of Air Supply’s 1995 concert in Taipei, Taiwan. The CD featured new artwork from Jodi Russell, and was advertised as a limited edition, available only during the autumn of 2002.   


hitchcock 发表于 2013-4-17 12:49
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      1月,Air Supply接近完成他们自1997年 ‘The Book Of Love’ 专辑以来的第一张新专辑中的内容。过去的乐队成员Jimmy Haun加入到Graham在犹他的家庭录音室演奏了三首歌曲中的吉他伴奏,Graham希望 “给新专辑中加入一些特别之处。” Graham和Mark Williams一起制作了这张专辑,每个参与的人都很兴奋希望看到好结果。“我觉得我们已经找到了一些新的声音。” Russell说,“但是依旧保持着美妙的旋律,感人的歌词和很棒的人生安排,这些元素已经成为了Air Supply标志了。尽管我没有参与歌曲的创作,但是我很享受这整个创作过程,包括了庞大的弦乐编排。我们已经把我们做的专辑当成了我们的宝贝,我们非常自豪。专辑的包装,照片都是由Jodi Russell设计的。Jodi让这张专辑看起来更加经典和富有浪漫感。” 在录音间隙,Graham和Russell摄制了一系列访谈内容,准备收录在接下去即将由Arista发行的DVD中。

  2001年第一季度的巡演计划相比上一年稍微减少,在美国仅仅1月到4月间有少量的演出。3月25-26日一场歌迷召集会和两场演唱会在新泽西亚特兰大城举行。Air Supply在一周前抵达Claridge Hotel & Casino,做排练和新加两首新专辑中的歌曲。在活动中,歌迷第一次提前听到了新专辑的拷贝,专辑预计在4月9日全球发售,5月中旬在北美发行。

  在发行 ‘Yours Truly’ 专辑之前,Warner Music Group买下了Giant Records剩下的50%股份。传言这桩合约包括了支付给Giant创建者Irving Azoff 2千500万美元。Giant整个流行人员目录都被编进华纳兄弟旗下。Giant预计15位在洛杉矶的雇员都被临时解雇。Giant records的转让意味着 ‘Yours Truly’ 是Air Supply最后一张华纳旗下或者子公司的专辑。

  Graham和Jodi在4月初前往英格兰完成他们的学业,Graham称之为,“追求和理解超自然。” 这是Graham渴望的寻找生命意义的任务,通过和著名作家Graham Phillips一起阅读,调查历史迷思。Graham和Jodi齐心协力,回到英格兰,特别是北英格兰,至少一年一次。 而在他们犹他的家里致力恢复野生动物的环境。他们已经有了许多动物,包括鹿,浣熊,山猫,马和一些狗。

  4月3日,Arista发行了一部Air Supply音乐录影带合辑,名叫 ‘The Definitive DVD Collection’。15支音乐录影带大多录制于乐队Arista时期,除了两首是在Giant Records时期的。这部影片中间穿插了Russell和Graham的评论,回忆了每支录影带拍摄时发生的事情。这部DVD在全球范围内发行,日本用不同的封面也作了发行。宣传MV是80年代早期音乐界必不可少的东西。大多艺人都把这写在他们的合同中,他们必须拍摄MV来宣传单曲,大多艺人都希望在他们的专辑中至少拍摄一部MV。大多数录影带都在单曲发行前拍摄,但是影片拍摄成本比单曲宣传成本高是不太常见的。唱片公司来决定是否这支单曲足够商业化来拍摄MV,而MV也是否能够增加单曲的销量。大多数Air Supply在Arista时期的单曲都包含一支录影带, ‘Sweet Dreams’ 和 ‘Two Less Lonely People In The World’ 是个例外。

      “我们在1976年拍摄了一部MV叫 ‘Love And Other Bruises’” Graham说,“非常简单也不昂贵,但是相当吸引人。我们总是在回避音乐录影带。我认为Russell和我都不喜欢在录影带里看自己,所以总是有点不自在。我们是音乐人。我看着这些东西,感觉真是个时间胶囊。所有的录影带都在一天内拍摄完成。[我记得] 我们在Westbury, NY演出, ‘Even The Nights Are Better’ 就拍摄完成了。唱片公司一般做的就是找一个导演,想出一段故事,然后拍下来。我记得这段故事很特别,因为他说,‘好吧,你们两个,还有你们两个喜欢的女孩在骑自行车。’ 我们感到和你不自在。我们心想,哦,那不是我们的风格。我们是成年人,这里有两个19岁的漂亮女孩在自行车上,我们走过去和他们搭讪? 真是有点老土,但是唱片公司可比我们懂得更多那时。”   

  4月,Air Supply飞往韩国和黎巴嫩,参加2001国际演唱会的第一站。计划在迪拜,印度,新加坡,中国,香港,马来西亚和墨西哥开唱。4月13-14日的演出在黎巴嫩贝鲁特大厅举行,这是Air Supply在中东的第一次演出。演出阵容包括了鼓手Christopher Pellani,贝司手Larry Antonino和键盘手Jed Moss。在演唱会之间,乐队探索了历史文化名城,并且参观了地中海的美景。

  由于情况超出Air Supply的控制,5月在印度的巡演被迫取消。印度组织者好多年来都在尝试把Air Supply带上舞台来,因为Air Supply在印度的流行度空前高涨。印度流行歌手Mehnaz安排和Air Supply一起合唱 ‘Yours Truly’ 专辑中的 ‘You Are The Reason’。“我们听过很多她的演唱。” Russell说,“所以当我们举行在英格兰重新录制这首歌的时候,我们心想,‘嗨,为什么不和这位印度女歌手一起合唱呢?’ Mehnaz飞到美国并且立刻开始工作。而结果就是相当明显的。”  

  Graham和Jodi的歌唱神童Shari Short签约了Russell的独立唱片品牌A Nice Pear。Shari的专辑和Air Supply乐队的乐手一起合作,所有的CD配图封面都由Jodi设计。预计在2001年5月25日发行,因为这天正好是Shari为Air Supply在拉斯维加斯奥尔良酒店的三场演出作开唱暖场演出。最后,这几场演出如期举行,但是Shari的专辑却被推迟了,最终在7月发行。在Air Supply演唱会,Shari的网站和零售商那里售卖。“因为我依然在学校读书,所以我很难抽出时间在录音室里工作。” Shari说。“事实上我和Russell夫妻住在一起,完成我的专辑,名字叫做 ‘I’m Living’。专辑起这个名字是因为这最近的几个月时间我过的像Rolling Stones乐队那样的生活,我不会让任何人对我说,你的梦想没法实现。” Shari在维加斯的每场演出都用她专辑里的歌曲作暖场演出。然后她在台上加入Air Supply作为合声歌手 ,在安可的时候,和Graham和Russell一起合唱了 ‘You Are The Reason’ 。Shari给Air Supply的演唱会带来了一股新的能量,并且在歌迷中展开了热烈的讨论。怀疑是否Shari已经加入Air Supply作为乐队的一员。

  在拉斯维加斯的演出是一个巨大的成功,但是Air Supply歌迷却遗憾的得知 ‘Yours Truly’ 专辑还暂时不会在北美发行。专辑在BMG拥有发行版权的一些国家已经发行,诸如德国,英国,阿根廷和亚洲部分国家。许多焦急等待的歌迷们在华纳在北美发行之前买了昂贵的引进版CD。台湾发行的版本包含了一个附赠的信封和纸盒包装,被宣传为 ‘特别首版。’  

曲目单 - 奥尔良赌场酒店,2001年5月
1. Body Glove
2. If You Love Me
3. Here I Am
4. The Scene
5. Yours Truly
6. Why Don’t You Come Over
7. Sweet Dreams
8. The One That You Love
9. Lost In Love
10. Every Woman In The World
11. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
12. You Are The Reason (Encore)
13. All Out Of Love (Encore)

  在Air Supply准备开始进行加拿大,墨西哥和美国的夏季巡演之前,他们飞往迪拜,阿联酋准备在6月11日举办一场演唱会。这是乐队第一次拜访中东国家。这场演唱会在迪拜纳德亚尔俱乐部举行,碰巧是Graham的生日。所以演出主办方恰好利用这个纪念机会。在Air Supply登台前,巴西火舞者,食火者和人工降雨都让观众气氛相当高涨。一个演唱会后的派对包括了一些迪拜顶尖DJ。Shari Short没有一起去迪拜,但是Mehnaz加入了Air Supply,在舞台上一起演唱了 ‘You Are The Reason’。

  7月,Larry Antonino离开了Air Supply,这正好是2000年他重新加入乐队后的一周年。之后他发行了受到高度赞扬的个人专辑 ‘Village Strut’ 。Larry很快被Jonni Lightfoot代替,他是犹他盐湖城当地人,已经发行了一张个人专辑。他的1996年的专辑 ‘Copper Street Fair’ 为他赢得了由Frontiers杂志颁发的 ‘最具创新新艺人’ 大奖,也因为他使用了piccolo贝司。

  就像在他之前的Jed Moss一样,Jonni也是被Graham发掘,当时他在盐湖城寻找贝司手,Jonni的名字一直出现在他眼前。Jonni在好多年前就已经见过Graham,但他承认他那时还不知道Graham是谁。“我在盐湖城当地一家吉他店里工作。” Jonni说。 “Graham刚刚搬到那里,有一天他走进店里。我问他是否需要帮忙。时间不断继续着,他经常跑进店里买一些东西。甚至当我去了另一家店他也会跟着我买他巡演和录音室里的装备。有一天 [在2000年] 他跑进来问是否认识一些贝司手。另一个销售人员跟他提到了我,所以他过来讨论这个事情。他问我是否能够第二天就去拉斯维加斯看他们表演。由于事先有安排,我无法前往,但是我高速他下个星期我有时间。他没有继续雇佣别人,但是几乎是那天的一年后,他回来告诉我他雇的那个人没办法继续演出了。那个星期我没有做任何事情, 所以我飞去看他们演出。演出之后,Graham,我,加上我们的妻子们一起去吃了饭。Graham问我的妻子是否愿意加入他们演出,她说 ‘完全可以。’ 之后一个星期,我和Air Supply一起去了三个国家,进行了一个月长的巡演。有趣的是,整个事情他都没有听过我的弹奏,直到在南达科他登台演出。”

  在经历许多耽误之后 ‘Yours Truly’ 在2001年8月28日在北美发行。Giant Records的灭亡意味着这张专辑鲜有宣传。官方发行的套装里包含了一张Jodi Russell拍摄的8x10的照片,由华纳的子公司Reprise Records进行组合发行。这张专辑在线和在传统唱片零售店中发售。在北美没有发行任何单曲。BMG在部分亚洲国家发行了单曲 ‘You Are The Reason’ ,同时伴随了一支有Mehna演出的音乐录影带。这支影片从1999年的Split Wide Open电影中拍摄,但是Mehnaz的声音变成了英语。

  ‘Yours Truly’ 包含了13首歌,被Reprise唱片公司描述为 “戏剧性的弦乐编排,复杂的和声,这种情歌是歌迷们期待的Air Supply的声音。” 这张专辑也同样含有一些惊喜,诸如有高科技感的 ‘Body Glove’ 和 ‘Learning To Make Love To You’ 。后一首歌是关于Graham小时候对Beatles的崇拜。“这是一首关于人们从孩子到成人是怎样发生改变的。” Graham解释道,“3年前我写了这首歌,对于是否把这首歌放进专辑我有一丝犹豫,因为我不知道现在的孩子可能不会直到谁是Beatles。但是, Beatles的 ‘1’ 专辑发行了!” Graham曾经希望能够录制翻唱一首Beatles的 ‘If I Fell’,但是歌曲版权费令人望而却步。专辑的标题曲是Russell的最爱。“这是一首具有美妙旋律的好歌。” 他说。“歌曲主题很普通。关于一个人如何向他或她表达爱意的歌,很简单。”

  歌迷对 ‘Yours Truly’ 的反响各有不同。许多人很欢迎这美丽动人的情歌的回归。‘You Are The Reason’ 被视为最强的歌曲之一,可能是Air Supply这几年内最棒的制作。有些歌迷抱怨专辑的风格变化不大。还有些歌迷对专辑缺少Russell爆发力的声音而感到失望,这是Air Supply许多年来的标志。而Russell的嗓音也有明显的变化,更低的音色,也可能是更厚的音调,这招致了一些批评。什么歌唱风格更好这是仁者见仁智者见智的事情,但也几乎不会有人会去拒绝Russell继续用高亢嗓音歌唱的。歌曲 ‘Body Glove’ 在这年初Air Supply都会在演唱会上用这首歌作开场曲 。这首歌的风格是Graham喜爱的电子乐’,但是歌词 ‘这个世界只是薯片,加上女人的屁股’ ,这会让Air Supply主要的女性听众感觉不怎么好。当被质疑歌词的含义时,Graham说这没什么特别的意义。

  美国的媒体对 ‘Yours Truly’ 没有什么关注。发行前不断的推迟,缺乏宣传,北美电台拒绝播放Air Supply,这种种原因都导致了这个结果。另外,专辑在悲剧的2001年9月11日前两周在零售店上架。这对音乐行业是极其不利的,在911之后,美国唱片销量跌了5%,在纽约商圈更有16.2%的跌幅。许多乐评人对 ‘Yours Truly’ 都特别严厉,更甚于Air Supply在之前5年内发行的专辑:

  就像那些上了年纪的明星如Rod Stewart,Madonna 和 The Rolling Stones一样,他们决定是时候改变一下曲风了。结合了电子舞曲,开玩笑似的色情歌词,加上印度明星Mehnaz的声音,他们做了不可能的尝试。Air Supply擅长情歌。然而他们不是男孩乐队,也不是DJ。你必须在某个地方画上一根线,似乎Air Supply在专辑 ‘Yours Truly’ 里忘记做了什么事。死忠的Air Supply歌迷会喜欢这张专辑,即使他们已经完全改造了自己,13首歌里只有大约4首歌是具有实验性的。- Vanessa Bormann, Ink 19

  这里面一共只有一个调调,笼统的弦乐增强了 ‘You Are The Reason’ ,接近那些具有美丽的旧时代,同时Russell Hitchcock’的声音低沉的就像全世界最深情的事情。有完全基于恼人的假串戏剧性的歌曲 (‘Who Am I’),疯狂的歌词,电脑处理的歌曲 (都在 ‘Body Glove’中得到体现),‘Don’t Throw Our Love Away’ 和标题曲都单调曲折。这些歌都太普通了,而对于歌迷来说最悲伤的莫过于Hitchcock的声音美丽完全消失了。- Jonathon Widran, AllMusic

  8月9日,Air Supply在墨西哥展开了9城市巡演,这已经成为了一年一度的传统。墨西哥歌迷成群结队地来到大小不等场地看他们演出,从舒适的700个座位的剧院,到巨大的室外足球(足球)体育场。 墨西哥的巡演是Jonni Lightfoot加入Air Supply以来第一次国际演出,歌迷们一定被这位贝司手打开了眼界,在加入Air Supply之前他默默无名。墨西哥歌迷的热情和奉献精神,能说服最持怀疑态度的批评家,Air Supply这个世界最吸引人的一部分,无论听众说的是什么语言。Russell概括墨西哥巡演说道:“这里阳光充裕,当然,我们也很快乐!对于我们来说,制造好的音乐是非常有效的。如果歌曲能够被广泛接受,这种感觉更好。我们有一群最具天赋的伙伴一起合作。我们热爱巡演,给热爱我们的歌迷提供好的音乐是我们最愿意做的事情。”

  911事件对音乐产业有着明显的冲击。音乐销售额低落,许多艺人惧怕恐怖袭击都取消了演出。Janet Jackson因为安全事件取消了整个欧洲巡演。Air Supply取消了一场刚好安排在911之后的在日本的演出。这原本是Shari Short第一次越洋演出,在恐怖袭击之后的几个星期,空中旅行都成为了阻碍。但是很快,音乐在疗伤上起到了重要的作用。音乐世界联合起来举办蘠若干慈善音乐会,帮助恐怖袭击中的受害者。

  9月14日Air Supply回到舞台上,他们在洛杉矶雅典剧院,9月15日在内华达里诺帕米尔酒店均举办了一场演唱会。由于不能飞行,Air Supply没有选择,只能驱车前往洛杉矶,工作人员从科罗拉多出发,乐队成员从犹他出发,Shari Short则从爱达荷州出发。为了向911事件中受到影响的人们致敬,Air Supply在雅典剧院门口的一面巨大的美国国旗前演出。“我们坚信,只要我们做正确的事我们就能尽快的走出阴霾。” Russell说,“而在洛杉矶和雷诺的演出向我们证明了,我们已经做出了正确的决定,因为在这两个场馆的观众都对我们相当赞赏。”

  9月,Shari Short成为了Air Supply巡演乐队中一名正式成员,意图在未来成为一名能够个人发展。她Air Supply的这段事件允许Graham和Jodi扮演她导师的角色。“当你看到一个原始的材料时,能够锻炼它是很棒的感受,但这还只是刚刚引导他们走上正确的路。” Graham说。“当我们在录音室时,我用我的经验来指导她。我想她一定能成为大明星。一切只是时间的问题。” Shari经常和他父亲布奇一起旅行,但是Graham和Jodi在他不在身边的时候成为了代理家长。Russell夫妻对于Shari的影响很深,她穿了一件精神治疗项链,弹着在琴弦和头部刻有她名字的Taylor吉他,所有两个礼物都是由Graham和Jodi赠送的。“她就像我们的女儿。” Jodi说。“我很保护她。” Shari的第一次国际演出在9月6日,Air Supply在加拿大多伦多Woodbine赛马场演出。由于911袭击,Shari在9月28日没有陪同Air Supply参加为期2周的亚洲巡演 。

  2001年Air Supply的闪光点是被邀请参加中国举行的南宁艺术节,盛会在11月10-21日举行,为了庆祝中国少数民族。中国政府资助邀请西方乐队参加,没有人比Air Supply在中国更流行了。Graham,Russell,Jonni,Mark,Ron Pedley和工作人员在11月9日早晨飞到广州。在经历了一次意想不到的4小时的停留后,他们飞到了南宁,一个人口达到2千8百万的城市。Ron Pedley这位来自美国的键盘手填补了自从Air Supply在10月尾在委内瑞拉的巡演后Jed Moss的空缺。Ron是Barry Manilow自从1984年开始的巡演键盘手,被认为是个极具天赋的天才。

  Air Supply在南宁艺术节表表演前他们在一个巨大的舞台上排练,对于Ron Pedley来说这一切都太巨大了。“到达演出场敌后,我被这巨大的尺寸给震慑了!” 他说,“这是一个能够容纳2万人的大型足球场。舞台堪称巨大。伴随着舞台上方五个大轻型托架,脚手架每边长达150英尺。整个演出都将进行电视直播,因为没有能够同步电视声音的技术,我们不得不对嘴型演唱了两首歌。” 整个亚洲,预计将有400万观众收看电视直播。Air Supply安排在11月10日晚上10点登台表演,Ron这样描述他们登台前和登台后的一小时,“我们在8点左右登台演出。人们围着屏幕。到达体育厂后,我们通过安检直奔更衣室。看起来部队在外面守着。Air Supply是唯一表演的美国乐队。有许多中国的流行明星和摇滚乐队演出。灯光很炫目。在舞台两侧都有巨大的屏幕。我们的演出部分很顺利, 但惊险一幕发生了,喷火装置距离Graham和Russell相当接近。他们没有受到警告,二排练时这也没有发生。观众们为Air Supply疯狂。他们是世界这个角落里最流行的明星。”

  在2001年仅有一张Air Supply的合辑CD发行,‘Sweet Dreams: The Encore Collection’。这个低成本的Arista和BMG发行的特别产品收录了Air Supply在80年代早期的10首歌。尽管这张CD没有收录一些他们最经典的金曲,但是却能够给新歌迷对这个乐队的一个整体的预览。但Air Supply歌迷会发现 ‘Sweet Dreams: The Encore Collection’ 和 ‘The Definitive Collection’ 或者 ‘The Ultimate Collection’相比,相形见绌。

  Paradiso Entertainment是一家比利时BMG旗下的娱乐公司,他们重新发行了1980年 ‘Lost In Love’ 专辑,并收录在他们的 ‘Best Of’ 系列中。‘The Best Of Air Supply’ 一开始在比利时发售,之后2002年在英国进行发行。

       当Air Supply在2002第一季度巡演的时候,Graham也在制作自己的个人计划。‘The Heart of The Rose’ CD 接近完成,新的官方网站帮助他宣传这张专辑。网站内有历史学作者Graham Phillips写的有关罗宾汉的真实的故事,有链接连到 ‘mystery and adventure’。 ‘The Heart of the Rose’ 幕后的故事DVD计划在那年晚些时候发行,伴随着一起发行的还有限量高清海报。

      Graham也在和Jonni Lightfoot 与 Jed Moss一起进行儿童剧Petalbump的创作。Petalbump的构思一开始是由Jodi Russell4年前的一系列梦开始。这是一个关于一个叫Lucy的女人在她30岁的是偶,回到童年的小屋,发现了一些古老的东西,然后穿越至满是仙女梦幻的世界的故事。“我对任何仙女的故事都感兴趣。” Jodi说,“但是Graham带着创意,并且写了这个关于儿童芭蕾的故事。” Graham和Jodi有个关于Petalbump的大计划,包含了一个全长度的原声大碟,一个舞台剧和一系列儿童读物a stage production and a series of children’s books.

      5月14日,BMG International在东南亚发行了全区的 ‘Now and Forever Video Special’ DVD。之前仅仅在VHS,LD和VCD上发行。

      在中国上海做一次简短的旅行之后,5月,Air Supply在维加斯的The Orleans Hotel & Casino揭开演出序幕。和之前歌曲有着不同的编排,新增了两首新歌,‘I'll Find You’ 和 ‘Shadow Of The Sun’ 。演出开场曲是快节奏版本的 ‘Even The Nights Are Better’, 加入了更重的贝斯和吉他。Shari Short最近组建了一支乐队。在维加斯开始演出,歌曲进行了改变。自从他的首张专辑 ‘I’m Living’的发行,Short已经录制了一些新的歌曲,希望能够在2003年发行。维加斯的演出异常成功,Air Supply也被要求在7月5日到7日进行三场加演。

      大约经过了30年的创作,‘The Heart of the Rose’ 双CD在7月11日有A Nice Pear独立发行。没有官方发行,在Air Supply的网站和演唱会上卖到35美元,一开始的1000份拷贝由Graham签名并且编号。CD,图画设计全部由Jodi Russell完成。这套39首歌的CD被分成2部分。声音部分在Graham 犹他的家庭录音室中完成,包含了Shari Short, Jed Moss, Karla DeVito (曾经与Meat Loaf合唱过。),Stina Peterson, Adrian Zmed, 百老汇歌手Stan Brown, Jodi Russell, Graham和其他人。背景和声包括了,当前和过去的Air Supply成员Jonni Lightfoot, Mark Williams, Guy Allison, Jimmy Haun, Michael Sherwood, Larry Antonino, Billy Sherwood 和Greg Hilfman。按照Graham所说, ‘The Heart of the Rose’ 一开始的销量很不错。他说, “这才过了两周,看到他在世界上真是感觉很好。每个人都在说你不能仅仅听1或2首歌,他会抓住你听完整张专辑的。我发现我自己也沉浸在其中了!看到他最终完成真是五味俱陈,我对自己终于完成了这张专辑感到自豪。”

     9月1日,A Nice Pear发行了 ‘The Dawn of Woman’ from the Celestine Travelers,这是由Graham虚构的。双CD,其中一张CD都是乐器演奏,其他一开始的4章有Celestine’s intergalactic travels的旁白。Graham描述这张专辑是 “来自太空的深邃的思考。” ‘The Dawn of Woman’ 不是流行商业音乐,它也可能只会引起Air Supply歌迷的兴趣。专辑在Air Supply的官方网站和演唱会上出售,2年后几乎全部售完了。

      10月,经过短暂休息之后,Air Supply在盐湖城排练新的演出。添加了3首新歌 ‘Come To Me,’ ‘Goodnight’和重新制作的 ‘Big Cat’。新的纪念品在演唱会上发售,包括了临时纹身,旅行杯,和重新包装的1995年Air Supply台北演唱会CD。这张CD包含了Jodi Russell重新制作的图画,内页,作为限量版发行。
Leign 发表于 2013-4-20 15:43
老大你真行 我光看的都头大,你还翻译的这么好
Leign 发表于 2013-4-20 15:43
911时间对音乐产业有着明显的冲击     是911事件吧
hitchcock 发表于 2013-4-20 18:25
Leign 发表于 2013-4-20 15:43
911时间对音乐产业有着明显的冲击     是911事件吧

winning11 发表于 2013-4-21 14:26
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winning11 发表于 2013-4-21 14:26

mengui 发表于 2013-9-8 20:13
感谢版主提供的图文资料,很认真的看完了,非常棒,翻译辛苦了,thanks for everything that you do
hitchcock 发表于 2013-9-8 21:33
mengui 发表于 2013-9-8 20:13
感谢版主提供的图文资料,很认真的看完了,非常棒,翻译辛苦了,thanks for everything that you do

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