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第2-14章:一场暴动! - It’s a Riot!

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It’s a Riot!

      It was 1992 in Los Angeles. I went to the SIR rehearsal space in Hollywood and occupied a small room adjoining a much larger one that I sometimes rented when I was in town. I was there to just play the piano and see what happened.

      I was in a particularly good space, as the day before I met Ringo Starr and Joe Walsh, who were rehearsing in the larger room. That was definitely inspiring. Once I calmed down from the rush of chatting with a Beatle and Joe Walsh, it registered that they were both really nice and seemed to know who I was, which shocked me.

      But this particular day was just like any other in LA. The room I was in was almost totally dark, and I had rented an old CP70 electric piano. I loved the sound of it. We had one on the road that Frank used to play in the ‘80s, and it always produced a unique sound. I think Peter Gabriel made it famous, as he always used it on the road and still does.

      It’s the kind of piano that, for me at least, the less you play, the better it sounds. I played for a few hours, not really trying to compose anything, just enjoying the sound and the emotions that it churned up.

      I took a break, walked out to the green room and noticed that it was deathly quiet. There was always someone around to say hello to but not this time. I put myhead in the big room and that was empty, too. I could feel something wasn’t right, but I didn’t know what. I walked outside into the blazing sunlight, feeling a bit like a badger emerging from his tunnel. There weren’t any cars onthe road. Then, I knew that something was wrong. My first thought was an earthquake, but I hadn’t felt any tremors. I called out for the manager, Dave, but no luck (and he was always around!).

      Then the strangest thing happened. Instead of panicking and running outside to see what was going on, I had the intenseurge to go back inside and play. The starkness of the moment and the emptiness of the streets really got a hold of me. I knew I would be alright but the not being quite sure felt exciting.

      Iimmediately sat down, turned on my recorder and started to play the beginning chords to what was to become “I’ll Be Thinking of You.” I played the whole song from top to bottom. I was also singing lyrics that were so simple with a beautiful message of longing. It felt so right. When these moments happen, it is a state of euphoria, both trance like and empty, yet full at the same time. It’s like the center of the wheel, where everything is still.

      The first two lines of the song are two ofmy most treasured lines, so gentle yet full of power: “When the sun sets on the ocean, when the yellow touches the blue…” In spiritual circles, yellow represents the male, the sun, the day. And the blue is his female consort, themoon, the night, the nurturing one.

      After checking to see if my recorder had everything I needed, I knew it was time to go. Now I had to leave the wheel’s center, the calm, passionate union of the two lovers in this new song.

      I left the room, called for Dave and nothing again! I knew the main door locked behind me, so I left and heard it slam shut. Parked in back, my car was the only one around. I heard what I thought were bombs going off in the distance, along with police sirens and ambulances. I tried to drive my usual route back to the freeway, but I was quickly met with barricades across the road. I was literally blocked in. I put the radio on straightaway and the announcer was hurriedly telling people to get off the streets and that Los Angeles was under siege by rioters. The police had lost control. I had walked right into the Rodney King riots.

      After acknowledging the reality of the situation, I circumvented the barricades and found a way onto a deserted freeway (anything to get away from the danger zone that I discovered was veryclose to me).

      I feverishly listened to reports coming in of looting and gunfire. It was a nightmare. Ialso knew that pretty soon the police would bring out SWAT teams, and I didn’t want to be around when that happened. I was driving rather fast, as I remember,not worrying about speed at this moment, just wanting to get home. I managed tofind a phone box. (We didn’t have cell phones in those days. Remember that?) Icalled home, and Jodi told me everything very quickly.

      After two hours, I finally managed to get to the Pacific Coast Highway where I knew I would be safe. Not long after that, I was driving up Las Flores toward home, not quite believing what had just happened.

      After pulling into my driveway, I took a long, deep breath. One moment I was in rapture enjoying the birth of a new song. The next I was in the middle of chaos and could have easily been a victim. Someone must have been watching over me!


      那可是个独一无二的好地方,因为就在一天前,我遇见Ringo Starr和Joe Walsh就在我旁边的大房间录音。那对我来说绝对是莫大的鼓舞。我有过一次与披头士和Joe Walsh的匆忙对话,当我冷静下来时,我才意识到其实他们都非常的平易近人,而且竟然知道我是谁,这令我感动。

      这天和往常我在LA一样的平常。我待在非常黑暗的房间里,弹着我租来的CP70电钢琴。我非常喜欢它的音色。我们曾经也有过一台CP70,Frank一直弹它。在80年代,它带给我们独一无二的音色。我想,是Peter Gabriel使之闻名,因为他总是弹奏他,直到现在依然如此。




      我立即坐下,打开我的录音机录音。我开始弹奏和弦,这条和弦就变成了后来的“I’ll Be Thinking of You”. 我一气呵成从头弹到尾。 同时,我张口就唱出那美丽又充满渴望的歌词。感觉太对了。这一切发生时,我充满了愉悦,整个人都进入了忘我的境地,同时也全情投入在此。就像你正站在轮子的中心,周遭再变化,你却始终不变。



      我离开房间,又打了遍电话给Dave,但是依然没有打通。我离开时听到砰的关门声,我想大门已落锁。我绕到后门停车场,那里只剩我一辆车了。我听见远处有类似炸弹的爆炸声,夹杂着警车和救护车的鸣笛声。我想要开我常走的那条路去高速公路,但是没开出多远,街道上的路障就阻止了我的前行,我被困了。我打开了收音机,听到播音员急切的发布告诫人们离开街道,LA正在被暴徒围攻。警察已经失去控制。这是一场由一名黑人Rodney King遭受白人警察暴力执法而引发的暴动。



      2小时后,我终于开到了沿海高速。我知道,我现在应该安全了。要不了多久,我就能开上Las Flores回家啦。真不敢相信刚刚发生的一切。




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