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第2-16章:一个艰难的夜晚 - A Hard Day's Night

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A Hard Day's Night

      I think it was 2004, but I’m not certain.We were on our way to sound check Quito, Ecuador. We had an agreement with the other act on the bill that we would alternate going on first and closing. Thenight before, we closed the show in Caracas. In South America, it’s always a late night. Everything there works out much later than it’s supposed to. Wenever figured out why; it’s just that way. We were looking forward to opening the following evening so we could get some sleep, as we had an early fight thenext day back to the United States.

      I will not name the other act, but he was from Venezuela and his initials were F.L. He was nice enough when we met and agreed to flip-flop the bill, as we say. When we arrived for sound check, there was a strange feeling in the air, but we couldn’t put a handle on it. There were more security personnel around than usual, and they were heavily armed fora rock and roll concert. There were machine guns, hand grenades, all kinds of batons and pistols. Everyone, it seemed, was carrying weapons. F.L. had finished his sound check and Sparky, our tour manager, began arranging ourequipment in front of the other acts so we could open. Suddenly, an armed guard tried to stop him. Sparky tried to explain that we were opening and needed our gear set up straight away, but the guard refused to move. So Sparky pushed him aside to carry on with his duties. In an instant, Sparky was slapped in handcuffs and dragged to the side of the stage. I heard about this immediately and went to F.L. to remind him of our agreement, which he denied.

      This really got my feathers flapping, and I went for him. About six armed guards grabbed hold of me as I cursed everyone in the room.

      I was carried to a waiting van and bundled inside to find four other armed soldiers, all with machine guns pointed straight at me. I decided to be quiet, but I was furious and wanted to strangle every one of them. Though, I decided not to.

      Next, the van took us back to the hotel. As soon as I got to my room, I called the American Embassy and spoke to a very calm gentleman. I told him my story and he sounded unsurprised. I said it felt as if something were going to explode that night and that there were U.S. citizens in our band and crew. He told me that they were aware of the situation at the venue and that there would be several dozen armed agents in the audience at the show to respond if anything erupts.

      I felt a lot better after hearing that, even though, at that time, I was not a U.S. citizen. After an hour or so, I was told that Sparky had been released but that we would close the show. I was still in shock at the whole fiasco and decided not to push my luck. We agreed to go on last again, knowing we wouldn’t get out of the arena till after 2 a.m. At this point, we just wanted to get out of the country; something was really wrong.

      We played the show and the left as planned the next day. When we arrived back in the United States, the headlines were: “Military takeover in Quito has left dozens dead and hundreds homeless; the government has been over thrown.”

      We got out just in time. As it happens, we have not been back to Quito since then and have not had the misfortune of playing again with our opening act.











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