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第2-18章:漂亮的扎带 - A Nice Cable Tie

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A Nice Cable Tie

      This is not really a defining moment, but one I will always remember, as it could have been a tragedy if it weren’t so funny! It was 2004, and we were doing one of our Mexican tours that I know very few bands undertake. I personally love Mexico and the Mexican people. They have been hardcore A.S. fans for decades. I remember being in Viña Del Mar in Chile in 1986, playing at the famous festival. A Mexican promoter asked us, “How come you’ve never played in Mexico? You have a lot of fans there.” We simply told the truth: nobody had asked us to go.

      Since then, we’ve played at least 60 shows throughout the country over the years. I doubt there is a city we have not played.

      We were scheduled to play Puebla and then Veracruz the next day. In order to make the shows, we needed a private plane to cover the distance. Our promoter, Felipe, assured us that we would have the plane and that the whole company could fly together, along with all our equipment.

      The Puebla show was fabulous. We stayed at a beautiful converted convent that dated from the 1600s. I actually had a room that a Spanish king slept in, and after sleeping on the bed, I believed it! (I even found a secret rooftop hot tub surrounded by bougainvillea without a soul around.)

      The next morning, we all drove to a private airfield on the outskirts of the city. We were looking around for the plane, but all we could see was an old propeller aircraft that looked like a crop duster from a bygone age. Yes, you guessed it – that was our ride. We all burst into fits of laughter and proceeded to make tasteless Buddy Holly jokes. But, sadly, the joke was on us.

      We affirmed that we couldn’t possibly fly on this plane. It was too small, too old and too dangerous. “No worries, “said our heroic promoter, Felipe, “It’s a cream puff.” There weren’t any commercial flights that could get us there on time, or so we were told, so the equipment began loading onto the plane. I particularly liked the brand new cable tie holding part of one of the propellers in place – a nice touch.

      Russell and I got on first and sat up front behind the fearless pilot, who when asked if he would get the plane off the ground quickly, reassured us by saying, “I think so.”

      I don’t know why we were so surprised, but there were only four seats on the plane and 11 of us, so eight of us had to sit on cases that were rolling around the cabin. There weren’t any seat belts, but we made liftoff, very gradually.

      The bad plane jokes kept coming, even until we were almost to Veracruz.

      I saw very few electronics in the cockpit. I think there was a compass and an altimeter. I was sure he had a sextant, just in case! Someone asked the pilot where the landing strip was, and he casually replied that it was, “Over there somewhere,” as he scanned the approaching horizon. We arrived safely, of course, and afterward never laughed so hard. Though it could have gone the other way. In those days, regulations in Mexican air travel were apparently very elastic!

      这件事虽说不是什么重要的事件,但是我却总是记得,因为它真的不那么有趣而且还差点酿成悲剧。事情发生在2004年,我们去墨西哥巡演,我知道很少乐队去那儿演出。其实我个人还是挺喜欢墨西哥和墨西哥的人们的。好多人数十年来都是我们A.S.的铁粉。依然记得1986年我在智利的Viña Del Mar,在当地著名的狂欢节上演出。一个墨西哥的演出经纪人问我,你们为什么从来不来墨西哥演出呢?你们真的有很多的粉丝在这里呢。“ 我们坦诚的回答他,没有人邀请我们来呀。












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