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第2-20章:我就是这样一个男孩! - It’s a Boy!

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My childhood home at 47 Hight Street in Nottingham, England

It’s a Boy!

      The final defining moment of my career, so far that is, is a rather unexpected one. In October 2014, I went on a sentimental journey back to England for a school reunion, my first actually in all these years. I also planned to visit my birthplace and all the places that forged my personality, creating the person that I am today.

      I’d been back several times before but not as a destination. This time would be different. I took my time revisiting the past. I stood for sometimes half an hour at the places I used to play with friends so long ago. I stand into the front room where our family piano used to stand. I was never allowed to play it, only my sister could. But they never played it anyway, so I would sneak in and tinker on it whenever no one else was around.

      I stood at 47 High Street and gazed up at the window to the bedroom where my sisters and I were born and where our mother spent her last moments before drifting away, that, too, so very long ago.

      Out of the corner of my eye as I was in deep contemplation, I saw a blonde little boy hiding behind a fence and occasionally peeking out to see what I was doing. He never came into full view, always hiding, but very curious about who I was. He followed me everywhere. I recognized the grey shirt and school tie, both all akimbo and disheveled.

      It was then I realized that my childhood had been good to me. I’d been just like the other kids on the street, scrimping apples, getting into constant trouble, being cheeky. But all these things I needed in order to be who I am today. And that is someone who is so grateful for his youth. It gave me the foundation for a career that I love and treasure every waking moment. I am able to live my life and do what I love to do, to write and play music for a living and, at the same time, being some degree of joy and happiness to people whom I will never meet. I realized how every little thing., however unimportant, shapes our destiny and our future. I don’t know if I would have changed anything given the chance. I’m sure not.

      I ended my sojourn the way I always have when back “home.” I brought fresh flowers for Mother and had a little one-on-one chat. I told her I was doing alright, but she already knew.

      My young follower was still there. It was almost like hide-and-seek.

      I thanked my past for giving me my present and my future and walked around the streets one last time, for now at least. The little boy followed me until I reached my car. Then he came out into full view and gave a beautiful, disarming smile. I smiled back the same way. We have known each other for a very long time.





Remind me to remember that our time on Earth is short
To spend the days we're given with love the only thought
Remind me to bring sunshine to everyone I meet
To warm the soul of young and old and make my day complete

I try to not forget things as often as I can
So if you see me wandering, remind me who I am
Just say the word "remember," my heart will do the rest
And I will say the same to you and then we'll both be blessed

---Graham Rusell













---Graham Rusell



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